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What Now? Feeling confused about Worthy? Too many injuries to win anything? No midfield?

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Hi all again .....

Haven''t been on the forum for around a week or so now. Mostly come on here to see other fans opinions.


I''m a season ticket holder, but being self employed can''t really justify any away games. (need the time).

BUT I never miss a home game!

I have some points to consider here:

1. I recently recommended a new manager b4 the Ipswich game, stating that a poor run of form resulting in a mid table finish is all that we can expect from Worthy this season. Unfortunatly we don''t have the consistancy or the confidence of 2 seasons ago. If you now look a Sheffield Utd. They seem to be play much as we did. Winning away from home as well. Alot to do with confidence I know. I also stated that a new manager, and it must be a big name manager such as Kevin Keegan would help this club. Many forum members slated my comments and I was called many things including a ''closet binner''! I ask you this: Would we be 4-0 down at half time to LUTON with Kevin Keagan in charge! I think not! Would we have only drawn against Millwall at home and played the first half like we have no passion for the game! I think not! A new big name manager with some emotion would have inspired the team in every game from the START! I for one am sick of this ''we didn''t turn up for the first half'' or ''the kick off time was a bit early'' or ''we played well, and strung some good passing about, but we didn''t have the killer instinct to finish them off''. Worthy and the coaching staff have lost the plot. At times we play well (Ipswich,Watford second half), but too often this and last season we searously lack passion and any ideas.

What now then? Am I another moaning fan or is my opinion common to most fans? I only want to go to a game and be able to say ''yes we played well, with passion for the game, they should be able to keep there wages this week!''.

2. Injuries are a major problem at present. We don''t have a midfield! The Millwall game was another highlight of pure confusion and lackluster display. The middle four were very poor. Poor old charlton just looked lost. he didn''t know what to do with the ball and often reminded me of a premership gary holt, headless chicken! As for Jarrett, his seocnd half display was better but he is paid for the whole ninety minutes. He is fighting for a place and he can''t be bothered to run for the ball. Its a disgrace! Come on Safri! a true talent!

With all these injuries, where was the loan players?, during the international break, worthy had 2 weeks to get a player(s) in to assist the team, and we got nowt!

3.  Cast your mind back to the start of the premership season: Remember the Master of AC Milan - Helveg! I liked the player. Sad to see him go, yet I do prefere Colin and Lewis. BUT..... Worthy once said that he will only give starting line-ups to players who perform on the day and week after week, nobody is guaranteed a place just because of there previous record. Hence edworthy had Helvegs spot for months.

If this is worthys policy, then how come he still has a job? He is still in his position due to his championship season! If it was based on week in week out performance, the board should have sacked him weeks ago. He knows this! As much as Davis moyes and his 4th palce last year.

4. WHAT NOW THEN? Keep with Worthy, and have the; win one, draw three, lose one, win two, type of season? OR cut your loses and get a new blood in? Auto promotion I think has gone, but a west ham type of play-off can still be achieved!

Its a painfull season, but I''ll stick with em'' what ever, If we beat QPR, most of this will only resurface on the next defeat.


Have fun ......

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