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Goals of the season

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To date we have scored 6 goals in the championship. Has anyone noticed the quality of the goals ? All 6 can qualify for goal of the season. After watching an old recording of Brian Moore presenting goal of the season on the Big Match, it got me thinking - how would you put in order the six we''ve scored ?

(A) Jacob Murphy vs Blackburn

(B) Hoolahan vs Blackburn

(C) Jerome vs Blackburn

(D) Naismith vs Blackburn

(E) Howson vs Bristol City

(F) Jerome vs Ipswich

It''s hard to separate them. All excellent goals - Murphy''s goal (A) was individual brilliance & a cracking shot. Hoolahan (B) was intricate passing & clever footwork to weave through. Howson (E) he expertly made room for the shot. There was a good run by Pinto, intricate passing & a fine finish by Jerome against Ipswich for goal (F) and both goals (C) and (D) there was fine teamwork and once against intricate passing.

My choice:

1 - F

2 - B

3 - A

4 - C

5 - E

6 - D

Particularly hard separating A & B.

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