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Painful viewing.

My thoughts - 1st goal I initially blamed Whittaker. I stand by that as his "defending" was slapstick at best, embarrassing. However when he had screwed up, the rest of the defence didn''t cover themselves in glory. Brady and Klose have got to do better defending a cross than that. Hard to blame it all on Whittaker, but I will add the caveat that he gave the ball away tw@tting around with it 3 or 4 times in the first half, setting Birmingham off on an attack, and we were lucky that we only paid the price for one of them.

2nd goal - How can anyone defend Whittaker after that? Absolute kamikaze defending. Absolutely shows how poor he is when he thought that lunging in like that was the right course of action in the situation. Totally unneccessary, unprofessional, and turned the molehill into a mountain to climb.

3rd goal - Tettey plays the ball backwards without looking. Again, kamikaze defending. That one was all on Tettey.

The rest of the highlights - Painfully obvious Timm wasn''t at the races today. He was about as solid as a wall made of thin air. Benno probably the best performer in the back 4 today but that isn''t saying much as the others were atrocious. Feel sorry for McGovern - he was well and truly sold up the river today.

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