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Neil's only a few years older than many of the players...

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... and what has been a slow burn is beginning to show big time.I''ve calmed down a tad now, but I''m still feeling just as perplexed as I was when I saw the starting line up - Neil and Lafferty must be at real loggerheads over football matters or maybe they despise each other, but the buck stops with the manager in such cases and the decision to start a game fielding wingers with a gnome for a lone striker is irresponsible to say the least - that and stupidity personified. As for today''s formation, what was it exactly? 4-4-1-1? It certainly wasn''t the 4-2-3-1 which Neil has favoured and garnered points with minus defeat in the previous League fixtures and wtf not? Because he can''t manage a player with a bit of an ego and/or field a player he dislikes? It would appear that way and that is a sign of lacking the wisdom that maturity offers.The starting 11 today in a 4-2-3-1 should''ve been thus:

McGovernMartinBennettKlose (c)BradyMulumbuTetteyHowson/CanosHoolahanNaismith/CanosLafferty

As for Whittaker - like most of you, I wouldn''t have even put him on the bench, in fact he''d have been offloaded last season - so what is Neil the novice seeing that we aren''t?Oh, that''s right, he see''s them in training [:P]

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