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Last of the Summer Whine

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God, what a load of snivellin'', whinging, bellyaching, grizzlin'' there''s been on here tonight.I wonder if Sunderland fans are howling as much because they couldn''t afford either Naismith or Ruddy from a lower league club ? Were the taffs a squawkin'' in the valleys because they couldn''t sign a player we look desperate to be rid off ? Were we the only club to send a youngster out on loan ?In reality we have a board who took us from almost collapse to a title win, a play off win at Wembley and gave us 4 years out of the past five in the Premier League whilst wiping out the debt on the way. And the most promising bunch of youngsters possibly seen at the club (who also picked up the FA Youth Cup on the way).We are in the same league as two former European Cup winners (and one who thinks they should have won it - Leeds). We are way above a fair few who have recently won the FA Cup and the League title. Nothing is a given. We are where we are through our own efforts, not via some dodgy foreign crook using the club as a money laundering scam.Those running the club have done us proud, if you don''t think so then there is delapidated old donkey sanctuary that you would be most welcome at down the A140. There''s plenty of spare seats so I have been told and your constant whining would at least add a bit of noise so why not take your gutless bleating there ?At least there your endless griping about failure and lack of ambition would ring true.Good night, you bunch of carnts

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