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Clappers on holiday

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Amateur trolling at its worst by the original poster,seriously if you are going to try to emulate Wiz then put a bit of effort in.

FAIL(must try harder).

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[quote user="pete"]The usual apologists are conspicuous by their absence indicated by their lack of posts supporting the club. Are they all on holiday. One or two still raise their heads above the parapet.

Maybe the transfer debacle has made them become realists if so that is welcoming.

Eddie posts claptrap that we really made efforts to sign Rhodes. Where''s the evidence we made any moves to sign JR. Don''t you remember the alleged pursuit of Afobe or McCormack for fees in the region of £10m the money has never materialised.

Pritchard and Canos was financed by Redmond money. However the fictitious £10-12m has not come to light if we have it to spend on the class striker we badly needed last season and to create a promotion push this we need concrete evidence this is the case not phantom bids.

Most of you will be surprised that I believe the club tells us lies and fails to communicate with us to change my mind.

Clappers feel free to try to change my mind.[/quote]

Would love to meet up with you and change from a happy clapper to a happy slapper. Why dont you concentrate on giving abuse to your own board after they sold Murphy and bought Best ?

Not long ago you were telling us we would be selling Klose, Brady, Ruddy, Howson, Ollson and pinto. O and to balance things up you also told us Redmond would be sold - well done for getting one right.

Our squad is better than when we beat Newcastle who have downgraded most of their players so your problem is ?

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