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I just don''t get it...

2 Years ago with probably a weaker team than we have now (bar Francis) we were able to demolish teams and Huckerby could almost single handedly take teams to pieces (remember his last loan game).

This year we have 3-4 players who are probably the best in the division in there respective positions (if you discount this years form ) and we are being dominated by, to be fair very average or poor sides.  While Huckerby has been one of our better players he has not looked the player he did when we got promoted or when he got Man City promoted.

Do we miss Francis that much?  He was always an important player for us but did he make the difference between a poor team and a championship winning one?  To be honest I would rather have Safri than Francis (wish we still had both though).

I hope Safri gets back soon so we can get some quality back in the middle again...


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