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Where do we go from here?

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Putting aside the suitability of Nigel for the job; where do we go from here?

One of my biggest issues at the moment is a total inability to field the same side for two games in a row. Let''s get some regularity into the side. Choose a formation, choose a team and stick with it.

First, the formation. Without a doubt we play far better when we are in a 4-4-2. So I''d stick with that. But I''d also seriously consider a 4-3-3 against inferior opposition - it worked two years ago, why can''t it work again?

Now onto the team!

Well, up back we have a defence/goalkeeper that has conceeded 7 in two matches. Greeno has made a couple of calamitous mistakes and everyone in that defensive back 5 - without fault - looks incredibly lacking in confidence.

What can we do? We can rest Greeno, and give Ward/Gallacher a chance in goal. Give Greeno a chance to regain his confidence. Or we can stand by him and make changes to our back four. He is a top keeper, and like everyone, lacks in confidence.

Without a doubt, our back four was at fault for alot today. Brennan seems to be incapable of much defensively, and seems better occupying the left midfield slot. Colin seems to have only two gears - Very Good, or Very Poor.

Doherty seemed to do his best, and Fleming I barely heard doing anything in the radio. So, my back four against Birmingham would be; Louis Jean Doherty Davenport Charlton. When Drury returns, Drury will be straight back into the first 11. Shackell is supposedly back next week - perhaps once he is back and fit, slap him in over Doherty.

So, with some changes made up back, moving on to the midfield.

Our midfield four today started as Hendo Hughes Charlton McVeigh. Where do you start?! In this division, you will either meet teams that try and out play you (Palace, Wolves, Crewe etc) or out muscle you (Leeds, Sheffield Utd, QPR etc). Why oh why start with a pair of wingers who collectively weigh less than the Doc? We need people who can take a knock and still come out on top. What we don''t need are two lightweights who are often outfought.

Charlton. What on earth possessed Nigel to put him in central midfield, I''m not sure. But he clearly doesn''t play well here. I understand we need a holding player in Safri''s absence, but we clearly don''t have one, and we should be looking to bring one in rather than forcing a player to play out of position.

Finally in terms of the midfield; Hucks. Huckerby - whenever he is played in central forward position - always ends on the left. Let''s make a decision - here and now. Left midfielder or central forward? Play him in one of these positions and keep him there! For me, it''d be left midfield every time.

So, against Birmingham, I''d be looking at a midfield of Henderson (Simply because of lack of another) Marney Hughes Huckerby.

Finally, up front. We''ve got the big man up there, and then the dilemma of who to partner him with. McV has been quiet as of late, McK seems to have issues, and Thorne is too similar a player to play alongside of Ashton. IMO, we need to sort this position out, by loaning/buying in a player who will compliment Ashton''s abilities and then using Ashton as a target man, not as a feeding striker. We need a nippy striker to feed off Ashton''s flick ons and supply Ashton with the final balls he needs to score goal after goal. Until we can find someone capable of that, I''d suggest sticking Jarvis up front. He seems a capable player and deserves his chance after scoring the goal against Luton.

So, against Birmingham, I''d be looking at fielding;


Louis-Jean Doherty Davenport Charlton

Henderson Marney Hughes Huckerby

Jarvis Ashton

Subs: Ward, Fleming, Jarrett, Brennan, McVeigh

Hopefully we can then look at fielding the following team against Sheffield Wednesday;


Louis-Jean Shackell Davenport Drury

Henderson Marne

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Andrew- some excellent thoughts but I am afraid that shuffling the side around won''t make a jot of difference. The problems run deeper than the mere identity of the personnel on the pitch- it seems to be to be far more about confidence, organisation, passing, marking, positioning, etc: the stuff we have been getting wrong for a year and more. Sadly we could spend £10m on new players and it won''t make a substantial difference, nor will having our own full strength team out. I agree that having the right players in the right positions will improve things, but our problems are now very severe.

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[quote]Putting aside the suitability of Nigel for the job; where do we go from here? One of my biggest issues at the moment is a total inability to field the same side for two games in a row. Let''s get som...[/quote]

Andrew, very well-thought out post. Ill do my best to address each issue, but in a bit of a rush!

I agree with regards to the formation. We have used 4-4-2 most of the time, and it has worked. Stick with it (Unless we try my 4-3-2-1 idea which would blatantly work...Or have I been on Champ man too much?) If And when we get back to our true form we can revert to the 4-3-3 that demolished division one two years back.

In defence I think it has to be Davenport and Shackell. Ive heard Shackell has had issues with Worthy, so Im not sure how much we will see of him, but I really hope these two get a chance to develop a partnership. They are both quality players. Having been away for a while I cant comment too much on Colin other than I think he has been decent when Ive seen him, although people on here say he has been poor in some games that I haven''t been at, so cant argue. I will say we should NEVER have got rid of Eddy, but thats a different matter. And Drury is our left back when fit.

Midfield. I agree that we need a muscle player in there to stop certain teams bullying you off the park, that for me is Hughes''s role. (Its a real shame Francis left, but again, a different matter altogether) We really miss Safri, and without him we dont appear to have much in reserve. Marney IMO doesn''t have the necessary attributes to be a top end championship central midfielder, and JJ I haven''t seen much of, probably because he is always injured! We need to stick Huckerby on the left, and leave it at that. Thats his position now, lets not put him back up front, or on the right, just leave him on the left! But tell him to do some defending! (Sips some water incase I lose my temper and start on a Huckerby rant :laugh

I dont know what to make of Ashton, is he just off form? is he injured? Is he unsettled? Is he just not as good as we thought? Either way he is banging in the goals, and if he starts burying his chances (He has the third highest amount of shots in the championship) then I expect he will have a few more come the end of the season. As for his partner, Ive been hearing so many things about Leon its ridiculous. I remember there was the crazy Leon for Sidwell rumour that did the rounds. Seriously though, Is he injured? Is he sorting out his head? Is he taking on Jon Thaxton in a World Title fight? Either way i hope he is back soon, and again, on form. I think given a run of games McVeigh could develop into the "Nippy striker" you mention, but we need to get the best out of him.

My preferred team..


Colin    Dav   Shacks  Drury

   Marney  Safri/JJ    Hughes 

           WLY      Hucks


Isn''t going to happen, so Ill settle for...


Colin    Dav     Doc    Drury

Marney Safri/JJ  Hughes  Hucks

      Leon/WLY/RJ   Ashton

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[quote]down to the lake i fear. sorry..couldn''t resist. p.s. Colin is possibly one of the worst right-backs i have ever witnessed in a norwich shirt.[/quote]

Hes not that bad is he? (As states above, ive seen him a few times, but not every game)

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