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A few questions !

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How is it that Huckerby , arguably the most kicked player  in the league,  can still remain  un-injured for most of the season ?

How is it that  players like Safri and Docherty  can suddenly  become  " key " players  for us , shortly before  their respective internationals  ,  and after the internationals  have been played , they become " injured " again , or  revert to playing crap ? 

What is the difference between cynicism  and realism  , as it applies to football ? 

If we beat QPR today ,  and go on to  reach the play-offs  , will the  Worthy-outers finally shut it ?

I ask these questions  because I know that  the " intelligentsia "  on this forum  will know all the answers !

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1. Probably just not very injury prone. And he usually goes down quite easily ever
2. Safri has always been a key player. Doherty was rubbish but is now showing some great form.
3.I dont know
4. No.

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1 , he`s not very injury prone ? what does that mean ?  he has elastic bones ? or is it that he`s  just a genuine pro  with the nous to  develop  an answer to  the  challenges he faces because of his  style of play ?  .... I think its called a survival instinct !!

2,  Safri MAY be a key player , but , so far , only when HE`S ready !!   he spends most of his time " injured "   ... in other words , on a week by week basis , he`s a waste of space ! ...as for Doherty  , on yesterdays showing , it looks very much like that brief flurry of "good form " ,shortly before the international  , has disappeared , and he`s  now just  not bothered enough to  repeat  what he`s obviously capable of  !!

What I saw in ,ysterdays match ,was a demoralised  bunch of players , I wont call it a team , because  , apart from sporadic flashes  of  joined up play , this was NOT a team !   I will leave it to the clever  suds to put me right on whats going wrong here , but , just for the hell of it ,  these points might be relevant :-

Green  should be replaced immediately!  he`s making far too many basic "errors"  ... and its costing us points !!

The suggestion that getting rid of Worthy will  be the answer to all ills  is just being naive  !  this is NOT a one man  problem ! ..maybe a look behind the scenes may be in order  ?

Worthy could well be the whipping boy of the " establishment "   of which the coaching staff  play a leading part ...

Dave Carolin " sports scientist " [ roll in your grave Cloughie ]  who`s ethos is speed and endurance skills ,agility and mobility drills , warm up / cool down exercises .........  where do we get most of our injuries from ? TRAINING !

James Hollman , an ex-Ipswich  goal keeping coach  ....

Steve Foley 1st team coach ,  and a member of the Norfolk football coaches association ....  an association  that  Worthy , to his cost !   takes advice from  !! 

What comes across , loud and clear ?  

That Nigel is taking all the flak , while the real culprits  remain silent ....

Just my point of view , take it or leave it


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