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Delia- your puddings are collapsing

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So what does a famous TV chef do when her recipe goes bad?

Well, I think we know what Gordon Ramsay would do accompanied by a stream of rather choice expletives, a massive kick up the arse, sack the sous chef and redesign the menu. No messing around there then: its an effing restaurant I''m running not an effing charity.

Delia, this is your first real test. So far you have served us lashings of cranberry sauce and some succulent morsels. But the ingredients have been rotting in the fridge, your hand slipped with the tabasco sauce, the meat has been in the oven too long and the pasta is overcooked, the custard is lumpy and the wine is corked. Its not a meal we enjoy anymore- will you make us suffer in agony or do you have the courage to admit its over and start work on a new recipe?

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These posts are right on and excellently accurate in pinpointing where the problems lie.

There is an air of inevitability surrounding the whole of the staff - with apparently no-one at the helm prepared to take the bull by the horns and do something before it is too late.

Loyalty to staff is all well and good - but relate it to your own working life. While you are doing the business successfully you can go along unstressed by managers - but if you fail to do your job properly the pressure is soon on and if you do not improve you are out. No messing!

Summing up the last three seasons. The promotion year now looks something of a fluke. A good run of results sent confidence flooding through the whole club. Everyone wanted - and got - the passport to the Holy land.

In the Premiership no-one seemed to mind what happened. A loss here, a loss there and still the fans supported the club to the hilt.

As other posters have said no-one expected great things - relegation seemed certain early on and it was accepted. Then the club turned things around a bit and the possibility of escape came within grasp.

What did happen at Fulham? I have never seen a realistic explanation of what happened there and I believed something happened within the club.

Now this season the pressure was on for a quick bounce-back - but there is no confidence in any tier of the club - from the pitch to the board room. It is as if everyone is poised waiting for the bomb to explode.

Delia has proved that she can have a good reporte with the fans - and give them a rollicking when she considers they can improve - is she the same with the staff at Carrow Road?

If not, why not? She is the one who should say enough is enough and bring in fresh blood to sort out a squad that is the envy of many a club in the Championship.

So as has already been said on this thread: ''C''mon, Delia, let''s be ''avin you!''


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