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Do this......compare our team man for man against the QPR team and decide honestly how many QPR players would you rather have. The answer is very few yet they played us off the park. Do the same for Luton, Stoke, Watford etc and you will get the same answer. The players are not performing, even allowing for Deano''s reported reasonable showing today he has missed a load of sitters when the score has been 0-0 so he can''t really complain (ditto Huckerby). The manager just seems hopelessly lost. The board are silent/dumbfounded/living in Spain (take your pick).I have no idea where Norwich City goes from here - yes this sounds defeatist but I am so bloody fed up.

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Yes, it sounds defeatist, but who could possibly blame you.  You are correct, on paper we are better than the teams you mention, but alas theory, in our case, does not fully translate into practice.

What happens from here.  The board have to weigh up the consequences of keeping Nigel at the helm.  Do they say, umm, bad run of luck (form), shall we give him another five games?

Or do they get their calculators out and decide:

If we pay him (and Livermore and Foley) off, is that going to be more expensive than relegation to the First Division?

I think Doncaster''s fingers are going to be working overtime on that calculator tomorrow, if not today.

The AGM happens on Halloween night (7.30 pm 31 October) it will be very interesting and I, for one, want some answers from it, from the people running our club (on our behalf). 

Birmingham, oh well no one expects us to beat  a Premiership club do they?  So onto Sheff Wednesday - a home match, if we don''t win that one? 

Supporters can only do so much, IMO we have all admirably supported the team over the past few months, most clubs must think we are all mad, constantly filling our ground and packing out away stands.  But something has to give soon - we all have our breaking point, and I think yesterday must have been it for most people.  We now need a strong board to weigh up the costs, and make a decision to take the club forward and rescue it from where it lies today. 

This week, Millwall, Luton and QPR should have yielded at least two wins to be promotion form.  Are we seriously in danger of promotion now Nigel?  No - but we may be in danger of relegation and losing our better players.


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