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Worthy is damaged goods

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I was going to post this before Saturday''s debacle.

Whatever Worthy does between now and when the Board wake up and sack the clown or we unlikely bounce back to win the nest 30 games.  In the eyes of the majority, certainly not a minority as some would like to believe, Worthington will always be damaged goods.

A significant number of City supporters have never rated Worthington, he has been extremely lucky in the past and now the luck has gone, he is floundering and finds it impossible to motivate the players.

Also the longer the Board dithers Mumby, Delia and the rest look spectacularly indecisive.  What is the point of getting to the Premiership if the Board fail to take any advantage of the windfall.  However I doubt the financial benefits of Div 1 are a basis of prudence with ambition.

How would you feel about a new share issue to get rid of Worthy, now theres an idea. 


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