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Poor management can't inspire players

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I have been a follower of Worthy for a long time. The people that have criticised Worthy last year for not picking particular players seemed to forget these players were either injured or not performing. And the injuries between players of our own team in training cannot have helped the cause.

However this year I fear Worthy is not making sensible decisions, and with this cannot be building the confidence of particular players. For example:

Against Plymouth

Cruising to a 2 -0 win. He has picked Henderson on bench as he has been playing really well for reserves; but instead of bringing him on as 1st sub plays Lisbie who hasn''t even trained with team.

Paul Mcveigh has great game that day but finds himself on bench for next match.

The final straw Ryan Jarvis comes on 2nd half Tuesday night, has a great game expects to play yesterday but finds himself on the bench - WHY ?

Also when we are losing 3 - 0, and lost the game why not give Rossi Jarvis a try we have nothing to lose, and in fact may protect one of our senior non performing players from joining the long list of injuries.

I feel Worthy has done good business for the club saved a lot of costs sold mostly the right payers apart from Francis; but now is the time unfortunately for a new manager - Any Chance of getting Martin O Neill back ? 

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