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Happy Ed Balls day everyone!

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I didn''t know either Til so Ecosia''d it (That''s Googled it to most people).

Apparently Ed Balls mistakenly tweeted his own name once.


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[quote user="TIL 1010"]I must be having a senior moment......somebody help me out with this please. [*-)][/quote]

for Tilly


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[quote user="Hull Canary"]Happy Ed Balls day am having the entire family round tonight to celebrate you are all more than welcome[/quote]Blimey, you must have a big house........Waveney Canary / Canary

from the Waveney Valley / Thorpe End Canary / River End Canary / Marvin

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Wise Shepherd / Victor Romanov / Wilfred Grimsdale / Canary Gigolo /

Loyal Canary / Hull Canary[:D]

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He actually baked himself a cake today:l[:D] Gotta admire the guys sense of humour if nothing else [:D]

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