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Did you know that there is something called the Premier League Handbook?

I think you can buy it for £15 or just read all of its 582 pages online.

Here is an extract:


SEASON 2015/16


The Chairmen’s Charter is a statement of our commitment and aim to run Premier League

football to the highest possible standards in a professional manner and with the utmost integrity.

The Charter

We will ensure that our Clubs:

Follow Premier League and FA Rules not only to the letter but also to their spirit, and will

ensure that our Clubs and Officials are fully aware of such rules and that we have effective

procedures to implement the same.


Full Strength Teams

L.19. In every League Match each participating Club shall field a full strength team.



Clearly fielded a below strength team with Ward, Smith, Ojo, Chirivella and Stewart in the line-up.

Man City

Clearly fielded a below strength team as Pelligrini admitted “I think we could''ve played on Saturday and named a stronger team”. The game was on Sunday, so it was a weaker team.

Both situations clearly break the rules of the Charter.

So what happens now … nothing.

Just a bunch of cheats but that’s ok.

They deserve to win … nothing.

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