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How much is our squad worth ?

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According to the link to


we spent £55M & Bournemouth spent £36M.


PREMIER LEAGUE 1. Man. City 560 2. Man. United 533 3. Chelsea 407 4. Liverpool 344 5. Arsenal 305 6. Tottenham 231 7. Southampton 182 8. Newcastle 157 9. West Ham 143 10. Everton 141 11. Sunderland 130 12. Aston Villa 126 13. Crystal Palace 97 14. West Bromwich 84 15. Swansea 81 16. Stoke 74 17. Leicester 72 18. Norwich 55 19. Watford 49 20. Bournemouth 36


But to answer your question (as Purple always says) our squad is worth what people a willing to pay for them.





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I would have estimated about that off the top of my head.

That list puts a lot of things into perspective.

Next season will see that figure increase a lot, when we survive?

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