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The Seven Year Plan

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The Seven Years are now up and although the plan was only partially successful we are now back to where we were at the end of Year 1. David McNally has now gone as the plan has not worked which should have seen us an established or more stable Premier League team this season. Perhaps the major reason for this failure stems back to last Summer, so lets try to see some responsibility.

McNally seems to have taken ultimate responsibility today, but the other Board members have to assume some responsibility they cannot just let DM take it all. Maybe Ed B and the nephew are absolved but Delia and MWJ have been directors long enough to have identified we needed assistance with player recruitment and the need to assist Alex Neil as a rookie.

The Board presumably had some input into the appointment of the underwhelming Darnborough whose record was patchy at best.

I hope this is a ploy by McNally to get the Board to operate more in favour of City as a football club and to loosen the purse strings. If it isn''t and he has gone cause he cannot take the club further perhaps he needs to go. But it is worrying where we go from here without a CEO to properly advise the Board who need such advice.

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