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Mega Rich Owners

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How many teams are actually thrilled with their current owners? Whether they be rich, mega rich or not very rich at all...

Leicester - Thrilled

Tottenham - Recently happy, but were less so a couple of years ago.

Arsenal - Not happy.

Man City - Thrilled

Man Utd - Not happy

West Ham - Happy, the owner is a fan.

Southampton - Recently happy, but after Liebherr died there was discontent.

Liverpool - Content because of the redevelopment of Anfield, however previous owners were unpopular.

Chelsea - Content?

Stoke - Content, the owner is a fan.

Swansea - Content, but soon to be taken over

Everton - Unhappy with old owner, new owner needs to make an impression.

Watford - Divided initially, but has delivered results.

Crystal Palace - New investors, jury still out I guess.

West Brom - Unhappy with Peace. Peace is looking to sell.

Bournemouth - Very happy.

Sunderland - Unhappy

Newcastle - Very unhappy.

Norwich - Split?

Aston Villa - Very unhappy.

Admittedly a lot of that is guess work, but I don''t think I''m too far off the mark with most of them. My point is there are plenty of billionaires in that list who run clubs, and the fans are very unhappy with them (Newcastle and Sunderland are the obvious ones). But I think the list simply demonstrates that if you''re successful then fans don''t really give two hoots who owns the club. Start to become (relatively) unsuccessful then the tide turns...

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yep i''ll second that.

What is clear from that list though - whether fans are unhappy or not is that to be in the Premier League on a medium to long term basis you need more money than our current owners have - and as I said on an earlier post this is not a criticism of them its just the stark reality of what the Premier League is all about.

There seem to be quiet a few people about who don''t want a ''nasty foreign investor'' or english one for that matter if they don''t support Norwich of have the best interests of the club at heart yet are fuming that we are looking likely to get relegated and this seasons been a disaster...as pointed out by Nutty I think on an earlier post we have actually been punching above our weight financially (Mr McNally take a bow...). Money = success - depends what your definitions of success are and how ambitious you want to be.

I personally get the feeling - I may be totally wrong - but it is just my view - that Delia and Michael are more than happy with the way the club is run and financed ( I think their recent appointments to the board back this up) and therefore success for them based on their finances is to be a top tier Championship Club with the odd foray into the Premier - and that what we are doing. So for those fans who want/expect more than this perhaps they need to start asking questions of the current owners.

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