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chase out!

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made me laugh on saturday anyway! Apart from the comedy defending, midfield crunching tackles(not), and woeful shots at goal that is.

having witnessed the debacle at QPR on saturday, i fear that, if the results are against us on saturday and again on tuesday against cardiff, the fans will spend more time and effort in arguing against each other rather than getting behind the team, ( witness the second half discontent in the upper part of loftus road, bar area at half time and at full time when two or three players appauded the fans).

couple more points:

was Ashton having a go at the fans in the second half...............i hope not mate.......i paid good money to watch you and your colleagues make a very poor QPR side look like world beaters.


plus were the police expecting Millwall? i have never seen so many police horses and old bill !

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