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A question of fault

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I did not see either game this week so can only judge on a 3rd hand opinion, however some things currently are blatantly obvious

  1. Players are being used out of position-partly due to injury admittedly, but this is not the only case (charlton/jarrett)
  2. there is something wrong within the team at present as they have no passion or commitment to the cause (exclude people like ashton here)
  3. worthy seems unable to do anything different than he has always done to rectify this-his comments back this up as he constantly uses the same old tired excuses and reasoning. Remember that while it is true that he does not speak fully in public his use of the same phrases time after time indicates that his behind the scenes approach will be roughly the same as his brain doesn''t change in conversation from week to week
  4. we have developed an ability to lose as highlighted by Mr Holloway, like it or not this will soon develop into a heads down mentality if not corrected
  5. like worthy or not, if this doesn''t change soon (2 games max) he must be replaced as it will continue, human nature indicates this as the team will follow a pattern of acceptance

I for one think he should go as things are not working at present, I expected, following the shower at Luton, that we would fight like mad on Saturday to correct it with wild challenges and some aggressive football but it appears that we again rolled over to accept our fate.

Worthington is of course not fully responsible for this as it is the team of 11 individuals who will determine their value for the 90 minutes of a game, however it is the manager that will determine the mood and attitude that they adopt when they go out there and also has the ability to correct it between the 2 halves.

For this aspect he must shoulder full responsibility, you pick your best team, motivate them to the best of your and their ability and regardless of the end result we can only judge them on their total commitment and at the moment it simply does not exist.

So I am not a kneejerk worthy out campaigner but view his demise as a factual one as above as the biggest element that we lack at present is a commitment to win and he and his staff determine the  inclusion of this and that of passion in the team along with the captain who is again determined by the management team.

Regrettably all roads currently lead to the same place and as things stand at the moment he must go.

And before anybody feels the need to criticise me for missing the point that if we win the next game the problem that we are suffering from now will have gone, well it won''t unless the management team change their approach and this issue will surface again in the future as long as the management team does not change.

To get from where you are, to where you want to be somebody must lead and I am struggling to see who this will be at present.

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what a cracking post.
one of the best i have read for ages, well thought out and makes some superb points.

all i can add is that i agree with all your points and a change must happen sooner rather than later.
we still have chance to make this a respectable season but a change must happen now.

worthy out.

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