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cornish sam

Keeping things in perspective

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For all of those that are calling for Neil''s head or saying we should have stayed up this is all Football365 have to say on Norwich in their seasons losers section:

"Norwich City

No spectacular fall from grace or self-imposed implosion, just a good young manager and player for player the least capable squad in the Premier League."

Also in that is a rather startling fact, we scored more goals at home than Man Utd managed at Old Trafford!

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In perspective......

We are relegated with 3 wins from the las 18 games.

We have a young, niaive manager who stated he''s learned from his mistakes, yet the last game at Everton showed that either he hasn''t or his players don''t want to be here.

His signings have been awful, Dorrans, Mullumbu, Jarvis, Naismith, Bamford, Andreu not had any significant impact, in fact we played 9 championship players signed by others in the last two games, so 30 million spent with not much to show.

McNally gone but not replaced with the critical summer coming up.

Bowkett gone under a cloud not replaced but more positioned filled by a good old mate, who some on here keep banding his credentials yet we haven''t seen this rich contact list yield any potential suitors or any positive he''s actually done to benefit this great club.

Lot of players questioning the club and some making the point of wanting out. Given the number of player going into the last year of their contract we could see a huge change in our squad, not always the best thing going into relegation.

We are in a little bit of a downward cycle at present and needs to be stemmed quickly with something from our board.

It was always going to be tough staying up but since our win at Old Trafford things have gone down hill with the only little bright spot the signing of Klose.

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