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Rudolph Hucker

Loss of character(s)

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The underlying reason for the Premier League failure and the struggle since is the loss of key characters.

1). Iwan Roberts. Should have been retained and used as and when as he galvanised the squad on and off the pitch. (Worthys decision).

2). Malky Mackay. Another real prescence. (Worthys decision).

3). Mark Edworthy. Intelligent and inclined to have a view. (Worthys decision).

4). Paul Crichton. Another real personality. (Worthys decision).

5). Matty Svensson. Enthusiastic. (Probably not Worthys decision).

6). Gary Holt. Struggled in the prem but a no-nonsence pro and 100 percenter. (Worthys decision).

7). Leon Mckenzie. Still here in body but seems to be somewhere else. (God knows).

Thank god for Safri and Hughes, the former was underused in the Prem and the latter is clearly a ''Worthy Man'' which is what you seem to need to be if you want to say anything nearing an opinion in NCFC.

Why is it Premier League clubs hold on to older established players like Cooper at ''Boro. Is it perhaps because they are valued for the continuity and CHARACTER they provide?

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