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Sorry Delia, but Hull at home is not the standard I would set

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After reading Delia''s statement I have to say that I admire her loyalty to this club and to Nigel.  I agree that you have to stand by your fellow work colleagues, family etc in times of crisis, but this isn''t just her football club, it is, as the board (Doncaster) always says, a business, and the club is sinking.

If Delia is content with stating that we beat Hull at home and that is okay then I wonder just what the Board''s ambitions are?  Mine are quite different.  I aspire to more than beating Hull at home, a side so dire I wonder how they can be called professional.  Truly I don''t think I have seen a worse football team for years.  And we will become that bad if this is allowed to continue. 

Delia''s main defence of Nigel appears to be that we have not performed because of injuries.  Well, surely we should have planned for that.  Nigel stated that he was happy with his squad at the beginning of the season.  He has since added players to that number.  He knew about Safri''s absences caused by Ramadan and the ANC.  He didn''t replace Francis, he didn''t replace many other players.

Don''t get me wrong, I admire Delia for what she has done for the club, but her manager is now undoing all that good work.  I don''t know about anyone else, but I am not happy with this statement.  I don''t know when they (the Board) will realise that enough is enough and things might not get better. Of course they might, Worthy might just turn the corner, I hope that is so, but I also think things have gone too far for that.  We are sinking fast and need a strong board to make some decisions for us.

After all, though Delia and co are in charge, they are custodians for us the fans.  It is our club and we don''t want it to become like it was when Nigel took over. 

I wonder just how bad this has to get before things change.


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