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Berks canary

Delia - Get your head out of the sand

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There can be little hope for the future when Delia is refusing to ackmowledge the shambles that pervades Carrow Road . " A good manager doesn''t become a bad manager overnight " she says . Yes i agree - 11 wins in the last 53 league games is the current record , against Wigans 6 in 9 games . Just when was this manager good ? When was overnight ? 53 games ago ???  She cites the terrible injuries Nigel''s had to contend with - Exactly who is injured right now who would get in the team ? Oh yes Safri - And this was totally self inflicted as Worthington let him play for Morrocco knowing he was injured . Who else ? Only Drury - yet in his absence we prefer to play a Premiership left back ( Charlton ) in midfield and Brennan ( a midfielder ) at left back . Who else Delia ????? Why don''t you just come out and say " Look we gave Nigel an extended contract last year and we can''t afford to pay off his contract , so let''s all just pray and hope we start winning soon - let''s stick together ey " I can assure you that the cost of his contract will be small compared to relegation . Delia , get your head out of the sand and stop the rot now - Because when Safri , Ashton .Green ,Davenport and maybe Huckerby move to more progressive clubs in January this club will be on a route that Nottingham Forest fans can tell you all about !

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