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Cheeky Monkey

Bare bones squad - Worthys fault

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Delia''s statement forgets several important things. Worthy said he would replace every player who left. He didn''t we are currently 2/3 players short from last years squad numbers.

Who''s fault is that ? Worthy''s.

Therefore you can''t blame injuries for our dire performance of late. You need to blame the manager for trying to cope with a thin squad. The officical webiste has 23 or 24 squad members listed. That list still includes Lisbie plus four goalkeepers, and Rossi Jarvis.

I repeat. Who''s fault is that ? Worthy''s.

In addition Worthy seems to opt for injury prone players - Safri, Jarrett etc.

Why ? It''s no good getting cheap talent if they can''t play when you have a thin squad.

Add two final bad managerial ingredients, petty squarrels with players and lack of creativity. There you have it.

Worthy Out ? Sorry old son - you gotta go !!!

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