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Season ticket sales down by 7%

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............at Poorman Rd. http://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/ipswich_town_season_ticket_sales_down_nearly_7_on_this_time_last_year_1_4494757The average attendance chart on the right hand side of the article is very telling.......

2010/11  19,614 13th

2011/12   18,266 15th

2012/13   17,526 14th

2013/14   16,654 9th

2014/15   19,602 6th

2015/16   19,092 ?

It shows the three years Norwich City were in the Prem their attendances dropped rapidly, only to jump back to 19k when we were relegated back to the Championship. It proves many Town fans only turn up for the one chance per season to see their illustrious neighbours. It also explains why they are so desperate to see us relegated again this season - they need us. That extra 12/14k they get on the gate when we visit, boosts their average attendance by about 600. I''m sorry binners but I fear your drift into obscurity will continue without us.

I love this bit- "Liz Edwards, chair of the Official Ipswich Town Supporters’ Club, said "The 93% renewal rate proves the loyalty of Town fans is beyond question.". No dear, 24,00 fans in the third Division shows loyalty. However, I think it''s only fair to include this picture of some of their loyal fans.......




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The natives are getting restless............................[:D]ME, MM, Milne and whole club''s total disregard for the supporters will

result in crowds around 12K next season.

How they have thrown away the positive enthusiasm after last seasons

play offs by not investing in one or two class players is unbelievable.

Don''t listen to Milne and MM''s guff look at their actions and all that''s

happened for the last few seasons is asset stripping and ripping off

the fans.

Vote with your feet until things change. and please talk a long walk MM

this summer

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Oh deary me. [:P]So ITFC is like a local Tax that locals must pay towards, apathy is what

this rag and evans think is the problem at Portman Road not the boring

footy not the manager not the owner not the 5 grand a week players

how can you insult supporters who have to pay one of the dearest seasons

ticket prices in the division. Ipswich has a terrible council, paper

and now the football club has joined them, go go evans now close the

club I am sure ITFC can do a Rangers in Scotland and come out of this

mess caused by You and that Manager person.!

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7% might not be the whole story. A poll on TWTD puts it at nearer 30% and Milne has often proven to be economical with the truth in the past.

In fairness, I don''t think that their gates are too bad, at around 19, 000 average, when considering the size of the place, the complete lack of investment in the squad, McCarthy''s turgid football and the fact that next season will be their fifteenth season of Championship mediocrity.

They still maintain a fairly healthy support and still manage to compare favourably with bigger clubs. Birmingham City, for example, are having an equivalent season but usually attract smaller attendances.

Much more of the present performance and it is likely to drop drastically though.

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The best thing that could happen to them would be us coming down in a financial sense.... That''s a banker sell out for them, they could even put out a DVD, half and half scarves... Collectable programs , they love a bit of history down there, they''d make a mint!

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