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The time is Klose

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Excuse the pun.

Leadership and decision making. It''s been the two things that have held us back. I''d rate that 3/4 of the goals we have conceded have been as a result of individual errors gifting the opposition the chance to get back into games, or gifting them the lead. Poor decision making, lack of leadership.

I can understand why he was ommited from the team today (though if I was Ryan bennet I''d be furious) and the transition off a winter break really would have put him at a disadvantage to players who have been on week in week out. Or maybe not. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But my point is this, we need Klose to hit the ground running and show why he is an international and a champions league starter.

There has been so much chopping and changing of late, and I really hope that Klose can come in provide that quality and calmness and as a result bring out the best in those around him.. I truely believe our season hinges on it. We saw today Naismith looks to have added to the front line, I''m not worried about that, it really is at the back where our season will be won or loss. Step forward Timm!

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