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If we had won 5-4 today.

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Everyone would have said it was the best game seen at carrow road for decades. Football is all about fine margins ( usually R Martins boot laces) if`s and but`s etc etc. We have some great players at our club and with the new players coming in I believe this will make us a better team. Already Naismith looks class, yes I know its only one game but anyone who knows anything about football should be able to see this. Add to this Klose being paired with either Bassong or Bennett (Bassong played ok today) Pinto finding his feet and one or two others upping their game, premier survival should be achieved. Alex Neil is still learning and it`s the old saying, you learn the hard way, he is certainly doing that but will improve too. I`m gutted about today but hopefully with a few fine margins going our way in the next couple of months we can move onwards and upwards. Thought Howson and Dorrans were decent today.

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