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John Smith

Your knowledge

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Can you honestly say you know the laws of the game? There are only 17, but so few people seem to actually know what they are. Have you ever read them?

Can we make our team not only the best supported club in the Championship but also the club whose supporters actually understand what is going on in front of them?

If you haven''t read the laws before why not do so? It will only take about five minutes of your time. If you are in a real hurry just read laws 11 and 12. You can download them at http://www.fifa.com/en/regulations/regulation/0,3527,3,00.html


Now when someone says "What was that for ref?" you will know - and you will feel good that you know more than that ignoramus. I bet it will improve your love and understanding of the game.


Remember, ignorance is no defence in law!

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