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If we seriously want to stay in this league 2 things...

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1) we stop this rot. The 11 games with no win was bad enough but this run is appauling.

We got our first back to back wins earlier this season, the first in the premier league for 20 odd years, I don''t think we have beaten a team home and away again in the prem for a very long time.

To stay in this league we need to get rid of these ridiculous stats that are embarrassing. Therefore ...

2) begin to seriously consider AN in this position. We have been in this position before and the stats are above need to be eradicated. We need to take the season seriously and if we want to be a prem club his tenure has to be questioned.

I for one do not want us to just let this rot stick and want us to change anything we can to stay in this league. For me we have supported losing causes at the wrong times, worthy, hughton and Adams.

This is that time and for number 1 to change I think we do need to consider a new manager. We are looking unprepared and naive in our perpetration and game management. The players are limited but we need direction at the top that does not cost us points due to coaching and naivety in this league.

If we go down, we will be in the same

Position the last few seasons. Right now we look like a team that deserves to be relegated. Will the powers to be see they can change it and give us the best chance of staying up? I really hope so.

If bt we will be on te cycle we have even on for a number of years, naive management and players of limited ability. We have not had a manager with proven achievement for a number of years. Pulls keeps teams up, I may not agree wit all of his style but he does keep them up. We need to look at that type it success.

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