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Ulf Ottosson

Worthington's Second Team

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This season will see Worthington build a new team as the spine which got us to the playoff final and promoted : Green(Going), Edworthy(gone), Malky(Gone), Flem(On the way out), Drury(Dropped last year), Mulyrne(Gone), McVeigh(Going), Holt(Gone), Roberts(Gone) are nearly all gone or going. I know this happened progressively last year but I think Nigel might have a bigger job on than people think this year to rebuild that team morale and squad togtherness which was the hallmark of are the run to the premiership. Although it''s inevitable players come and go nut the team has basically been totally remodelled in the last year and I think we may struggle in the early part of the year for instance take this as a possible starting eleven

Ward (New to the Team)

Louis - Jean (New)

Doherty (Newish)

Shackell (New to first team)


Jonson - ONe  Season

Jarrett - New

Safri - One Season

Hucks - Newish still

Ashton - New

Leon - Newish

I think we may have to be a bit patient though I hope not - I also think it''s sad to see the team/squad that really turned Norwich City Football Club around big style all but gone............Thanks guys!


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Green is still here. The best keeper in the league.

Helveg has been here a year now and could be soid in the Champ.

Drury is brilliant at Championship level and only got dropped from lack of cover from Huckerby.

Doherty has over 20 Ireland caps and cold be qaulity at Champ level.

Shackell, future captain, strong in the air and organises the defence.

Jonson, if he would just take on a player.........

Huckerby will run rings around defences in this league like he did when getting division one player of the season.

Francis is, although some will disagree, a qaulity player but does lack concentration.

Safri is a class player who was vital to are run in form at the end of last season. Who could ever forget that tackle he did on Rooney.

Ashton will get 40+ goals this season. The next alan shearer who got 19 in 24 for Crewe.

Mckenzie compliments Ashton perfectly showing a great partnership at the end of last season.

This is a qaulity chapionship side and at the end of last season looked like a good TEAM. To say worthy will need to build a new team is rubbish as weve only lost 3 players, Edworthy who has been replaced, Holt who has been replaced and Bentley who will be replaced, I dont count Stuart as a player for the simple fact in that he was pony. This team has a very strong backbone and if players such as Greeny go, although I hope he doesnt, and Francis leave we will get a lot of money to replace and improve the sqaud for them.


Helveg Doherty Shackell Drury

Jonson Safri Francis Huckerby

Ashton Mckenzie

PS If Helveg leaves we should get Ryan Taylor, although he may cost a lot, about 1mill, he will be worth it in the long run as has a great futre ahead of him.

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Prudence with ambition!! That is what you are seeing! My guess is that the board (probably sensibly) think like this:

We have a corking set of players. If we are topish (and we should be) in November they will stay. We can then really push for the Prem. The new signings will be handy squad men. And we can THEN splash some cash.

But if the current crop dissapoint then we will obviously loose key men. People like Ashton- and so we now have a proven Championship striker ready to jump in.

If any of the bigger names leave prior to the season- the board will bring in good replacements now. If not they will bolster the squad.

What do you think?

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I''d hardly call Hucks a new player now. And Thorne this morning commented on how well the majority of last year''s team has been kept together.

Worthy has a good record for picking up ''good apples'', so I would expect the new players to fit in well... plus they''ve got a whole pre-season go work together which hasn''t always been the case in previous years (think Edworthy, Jonson, etc.)

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[quote]This season will see Worthington build a new team as the spine which got us to the playoff final and promoted : Green(Going), Edworthy(gone), Malky(Gone), Flem(On the way out), Drury(Dropped last year...[/quote]

Er, what on earth are you on about???  The team as it stands is MILES ahead of the play off/champions team!  Struggle because we lose has beens and wannabees???  And Drury will stay and be rock solid next season.

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We improve the team immensely over the past two years (Ash, Hucks, Shacs, Leon etc) and people still can''t be positive!

At away games we are the most positive supporters in the league - obviously the people who post and the people who follow the team are different people?

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