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Would AN have been a better manager with another season in the Championship?

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Inexperience? Certainly. Arrogance? Probably.

Alex Neil seems to be composing his obituary every time he opens his mouth these days. We used to have a manager who had the same internal belief – that it was all about him. He deflected that by always insisting that it was all about the players. He had that same driven ambition that AN displays. He was just able to keep a lid on it until his final exit to Villa.

So, inexperience has made AN tell everyone that it’s not HIS fault the players aren’t carrying out his perfectly good instructions. If they were we would be picking up points every week. After all he has only ever been promoted in in his career, hasn’t he….

……and there is the arrogance. He has actually started to believe all the hype around him. He believes he is infallible. This, let’s not forget, is a manger who has been doing it for 2 ½ years and half of that time in a league not much better that the Conference.

Sadly, it’s not possible to sit him down now and tell him a few facts of life. It’s too late.

In hindsight, he may well come to see one day that he would have become a far better manager if we had failed to get promoted last year and he had had at least another season at Championship level.

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