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Currently living in Scotland and looking at getting down for the West Ham game, problem would appear to be ticket availability! Yep new stand and all.

I only have 1 membership and am looking for 2 adults (3 if possible) for this game, but the Box Office have advised that they do not expect ANY tickets to be put on general sale from the 2nd February.

Capacity = 24000 - where have all these supporters come from? or am I being cynical?

Help from anyone not needing their membership number for this game would be greatly appreciated.

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we''ve been selling out most games for a few seasons now-one of the main reasons for having a new and improved south stand! so please don''t say were all glory hunting coz were not!

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Natalie, how many tickets do you have? How much and how do you want to transact - cheque?

Work email andrew.dickerson@cemtron.com or 01592 266184 (home)



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James, I don''t think we''re all glory hunters just the 5000 or so that have suddenly appeared. Norwich support is fantastic - I doubt other than Sunderland that we have a larger away following?

I think that Norwich have made a big error on the size of the new South
stand if we make it to the promised land next season. For starters a
capacity of 24000 is hardly big enough for us in the 1st Division (and yes
I know it''s all chicken and egg and who''s going to finance it etc) but if
we were to be playing Premiership football next season is it enough? - I
think not!

A simple calculation assuming it had been built to a more realistic
capacity of 30000, (+6000 over now) would equate to more than £3 million
of lost income per year - 21 games+ x 6000 x £25.00.

Who did the sums? and more importantly where do the real fans fit in? I''ve
been watching City this year mostly away (as I live in Scotland in any
case, but do get back to see as many home games as possible) and it''s nigh
on impossible to get a home ticket (obvious reasons) but to be honest next
year could be even worse!

Can you imagine the demand when Man Utd come to town?

I think that the so called corner infill''s be built asap (1800 x 2),
although finance probably comes into this as well - rumour has it that
they were shelved due to the non-availability of funds.

Bring back Mr Chase at least he had the priorities right.....sell your
best players and invest, invest in concrete. Not. Another share issue

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Dont want you to be dissappointed so look into Natalie''s offer before you take it too seriously,look at some of her previous posts,i.e. I have tickets for the rotherham game and can give someone a lift up there in my red Audi sports car, will be outside the station at 10am.Second one which springs to mind is Carl Cort is coming to play for Norwich as I just booked him into the Hotel Nelson today which I know for a fact wasnt true so just be wary,you obviously get wind up merchants on here but the majority of us people wouldn''t wind you up about giving you tickets, so just be careful friend.I hope I am wrong, but let us know if we can help you further

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