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If we are to play 2 up top

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which 2 would you pick?

When Hoolahan isn''t at his best, we need another offensive option in my opinion and someone more likely to score and create. You also need someone to run the channels and take some of the weight off your main striker. Would Hooper do the trick or would Grabban be more effective?

If Hoolahan scored more regularly then he would be ideal but unfortunately that is not the case.

I think we need a good target man which would be one of either Mbokani, Jerome or Lafferty and then one of either Grabban, Hoolahan or Hooper, unless we play Brady or Redmond in the hole.

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We haven''t really seen any of them play together to really know if any partnerships will work. AN seems to prefer having more creativity than bodies up top so we are left with something like this;

Mbok or Jerome

Brady/Jarvis Hoolahan/Dorrans Redmond/Howson

Personally I would like to see us try 2 up top like this this;

Mbok Jerome

Jarvis Tettey Mulumbu(/Dorrans/Howson) Redmond

Not really a 4-4-2 with Redmond allowed to drift around but predominantly be a right winger when it comes to defending.

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