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TIL 1010

The CSF Downs Syndrome Boys and Girls.

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Some of you will have read CA''s post on the PUPs thread about these kids but i felt it was deserving of its own thread. On Saturday i went with Nutty,CA, Graham Humphrey and Clare W to Wensum Lodge on King Street where about 20 boys and girls were presented with this seasons away kit bought with the money won on the Rays Funds thread. No words can really express the pleasure it gave us all to be there and participate in the surprise that Emma from the CSF had in store for them all. Absolutely wonderful work by all concerned including all those PUPs who could not be there. I feel so chuffed for Nutty with the support he gets on here and he thoroughly deserves a pat on the back for his efforts.Long may this work continue and i for one will support these kids in any way i can so can i please ask that all of you who do not participate in the weekly PUPs thread please make the effort and give it a go as the more donations Nutty gets to place bets the more chance there is of wins to boost the money pot.Finally next time Nutty asks for posters to go along with him at the next presentation make the extra effort as these kids and their parents i am talking about really do appreciate what is being done for them by us posters led by Nutty.

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