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Matt Rowson

Trevor Putney ate my hamster...

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Morning all


It being summer and there being not much else to do, and what with you guys being down amongst the dead men again, I wonder if I could avail of your time once again to fill in BSaD''s annual pre-season survey.


You can find the thing at:




Many of you will have taken part in previous years... whether you have or not this may be the last summer in which you have the opportunity to do so for a while. One way or t''other.  Probably both...




Results will be up in time for the start of the season, previous years'' stuff is still up on the site, eg:




Your time is much appreciated.



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Well, there were several references to Watford on BDAS. What I was really asking was: is BDAS affilliated to Watford FC, or is it meant for football fans in general?

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