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Let's not panic, but........

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One defeat against a good Leicester team doesn''t make us a bad team, but we have to get rid of bad habits.

I would probably say that some of the team selection may have been wrong, but it''s easy to say that in hindsight. If we had won people may have come on here to say it was a master stroke. Having said that I think Redmond needs to start, if he continues to perform as he has in the last two games as a substitute. Howson cannot play on the right effectively and as far as I can see it''s between him, Dorrans, Ofoe for the place in the middle. Howson didn''t have a great game and didn''t track back fast enough when he lost the ball for their second goal, which isn''t good enough. I''m sure O''Neil will mark his card. Whittaker has occasional good games and is useful going forward but as has been said before he is susceptible being attacked at pace at the back. On a few occasions yesterday he was out of position.

Everyone knows if you have a bad game in the Premiership you will usually get punished and yesterday we weren''t at the races, although with a bit of luck we may have nicked a point.

Mbokani seems to be good enough to start and played well when he came on, scoring one and almost a second. I would be inclined to give him the nod over Jerome for the time being at least.

Central defence is showing cracks and doesn''t look capable of keeping a clean sheet'' so we need to find a new partner for Bassong although even he''s not perfect.

My team for Newcastle would be.....


Martin Wisdom Bassong. Olsson


Redmond Dorrans. Brady



That''s based on what I have seen so far and form.


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I´m advocating a rest for Howson soon. Yes, he is very good on his day, but when played out of position, I rather prefer another player.

Ofoe seems to be building a bit of form. Did well at Rotherham on loan, and although it is a division below, I think he is energetic, and should soon get his chance to bring more solidness in the middle of the park.

Dorrans can have good games, and is a reliable passer, but I am not convinced about his overall contribution to our cause. As a def mid, well, not convinced, and he strikes me more as a 4-4-2 type of player.

Howson is never dropped, even on the evidence on poor games, and I would like us to use the squad a bit more when players have had poor games.

I agree that VOO is not at Howsons level, overall, at the moment, but surely he must be worth a chance in the first team at some point.

Redmond has to start most games, as he brings a balance in our attacking threat.

Vs Leicster, they new that nothing would come from our right side, so Jarvis was effectively shut out on the left. With Redmond in the team, he has the ability to go past a man or two and create unbalance. Howson has not.

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Worth mentioning Howson set up Mbokani''s goal.  While he did lose possession before both goals conceded, I still think our defence is more culpable for not being able to cope with a routine counter attack. You can''t always keep the ball when you''re trying to be expansive in attack.  But I would agree, Howson should play through the middle if he''s in the team.

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