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Duncan Edwards

3 on the spin and this was the worst of the lot.

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I agree with the fact that, perversely, despite being a much closer game that this defeat was actually a lot more damaging and deflating than the Newcastle debacle. Personally, I feel like that for a variety of reasons.

Whilst Bennett ''s display was perfectly acceptable, the sad fact is that the back four which played at Newcastle probably is our strongest combination. Although I accept chances need to be offered around the squad otherwise complacency will be fostered.

There may be debate about Olsson or Brady at left back but I think ideally you''d want to see Brady played higher up the pitch. The other problem with playing both Jarvis and Brady together if that you''ve effectively played most of your attacking cards very early in a match and there isn''t much you can then inject into a game later on from the bench.

The selection of Martin at right back was a microcosm of the whole display. It was tentative, indecisive and a bit awkward. Martin hasn''t played there for around 18 months now and on the occasions he has, he hasn''t particularly distinguished himself. I felt playing him there was a botched compromise, done to defer the question of dropping your captain. It showed.

Aside from our defensive shortcomings, the other depressing thing was seemingly our inability to find this happy medium between showing the wonderful enterprise we did at West Ham but without getting absolutely carved open like we did at Newcastle.

Yesterday, was the low water mark in many respects because like you say we were probably (from an attacking sense) the most ineffective we''ve been all year yet still conceded a goal that had all the hallmarks of the Newcastle game. A player peeling off the back of Redmond, exposing us on the counter and then defenders being incapable of defending in one versus situations (which West Brom did brilliantly when called upon to do it).

Given that we''ve had such a generous start I am actually really starting to fear for us. The one saving grace that we have is that Sunderland, Bournemouth and Villa are all finding the going as tough if not tougher than us.

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