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Bradwell canary

PL money.....championship spending!

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It seems, at least up to now, the club has a huge amount of extra cash now we are in the PL. But are carrying on as if we are still in the Championship. The way they bid so low for Brady illustrates it, and they still had to pay £7m after all that hassle. I fear that if we treat every proposed transfer in this way will lose out big time.

With the massive amount of TV money available next season, it''s about time we acted like a PL club.

I think they are obsessed by spending a large fee (by our standards) on Ricky they are scared of making this same mistake again. Look at Man U just took a hit on one player in one season for£20m. Even Fergie make huge errors,and every PL manager has......they forget them and move on. At our level we should also move on, and push the boat out.

The game today has shown just how much we need to do so.

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