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Matteo Destro bid

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Another one with a name for legendary Canary Call status.
"Hello thar, Rob?  What''d you reckon about that Matt-eyoo Distroo? I dun''t think he broke into a sweat, Rob.

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Re: Matteo Destro bid

vindo wrote the following post at 13/08/2015 11:02 AM:

Newton wrote:

ron obvious wrote the following post at 13/08/2015 10:00 AM:

Didn''t Parma say this was a non-starter? Using us as a stalking horse to get bids up or somesuch. His neck of the woods, so he likely has more knowledge of the situation than us.

Perhaps Parma knows about as much about Italian Football as me - nothing

& this is on

No, not quite Newton. Parma is a well informed contributor to this MB whose posts are enjoyable to read - I suspect the issue is that he writes with words of more than one syllable and you struggle to understand, hence your own viewpoint that you know nothing about Italian football. Nothing to be ashamed of, you undoubtedly are amongst like minded rustics in Ipswich.

Despite the abuse I was given yesterday for questioning a post by the great Parma, this looks like it might happen - perhaps Vindo & Parma are not quite as clever as they thought

Why cant we question peoples comments on this board without Troll abusive and being called a Binner. Thought that is what this board was about but perhaps not ?

Stupid idiots


Troll. Binner.


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