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.....just like last minute Xmas shopping!

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Here is my impressionistic interpretation of our transfer dealings....rather than start panic threads about defensive cover and striker options I thought I would tackle this a bit differently as I''m quite depressed we have left this so late:

......feel free to add your own artistic offerings!!

.....It''s Xmas Eve and the shop workers are getting ready for closing time nervously looking at their watches and hoping that the rush of last minute shoppers doesnt materialise. The thrust of a raw northeasterly wind blows up the snow against the sides of the shop windows and the yellowing neon lights produce eerie reflections on the icy pavement. It is almost a surreal world and not at all how you had imagined it. Time has rolled by at such a pace. You have forgotten to get the presents for three family members and your heartbeat races with panic as you enter the last shop on your list. The shelves are all but empty. You run in any direction against the driving wind and the Asda petrol station is lit up in the darkening sky with the cafe and shop still open. Could it be? You buy some leather driver''s gloves, the best they have, and you are not even worried about the £11.99 you have to pay, needs must and maybe brother William will prefer these anyway? The flowers in the buckets are still quite fresh and even have a Xmas colour theme. Will this placate her? You search for the most expensive thing for the little cherub but in the end you scoop up packets of sweets and think you can make up a box. It maybe better than the retro footie game he really wanted. Its a mixture of relief and disgust that you accompanies you as you wade back to the car park. At least you have been creative but only time will tell if you''ve bought well. You know you haven''t really.Never again will you leave it so late. Father Xmas looks down on you and sadly shakes his head........

With an apology to fellow posters. I''m depressed we have left all of this so late. 4 hours of potential excitement though eh?


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