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We got stuffed on Sunday and played like muppetts... its no surprise we are not high on big name/talent players lists.But if we remain competetive and bar Southampton we have been... we become increasingly competative to potential transfer targets with every window... and with wads in the bank...I believe this manager is exceptional and am glad he hasn''t spanked money left right and centre on players who wont make us better or haven''t the hunger... I''m glad the late panic buys fell through.... none of them made us better... whilst DM will I believe !Our choice of players and financial muscle will increase with every window... and I trust AN to build a long term team...Who knows... maybe he sees a youth player breaking through at centre half. Maybe BJ was going to become a problem if he wasn''t starting... who knows... we don''t... and i really do reckon AN is the business... he will make mistakes.... but he will learn... and get better and better...Whats done is done... we obviously tried to strengthen and basicly we aren''t an attractive proposition for many... for whatever reason... but i believe we will be ok... because this manager will make us ok.... he is a winner.... so lets just support the team and see what we do.... i loved going to Wembley....And I still happen to believe that theres an even greater journey to be enjoyed with AN... so lets just stop all this petty disappointed bollox.... and get behind our team...In Alex we trustOTBC

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