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In possibly the most truthful statement he has made in his 17 years as FIFA President, Honest Joe delcares that he did not "resign" on the 2nd of June.

Here is a translation of the article in the Swiss Paper Blick! -

For 23 days, the FIFA

boss Sepp Blatter (79) had disappeared from the scene. Yesterday

Blatter made his first public appearance after the great earthquake that shook the

world of football. The worry lines in the face of the Wallisers

disappeared, he radiates, looks fresh and full of energy. With

brisk steps, he walks to the lectern. "Give me a Museum and

I''ll fill it", said the President of

FIFA citing the great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. "I promise you the same thing, but

have a distinct advantage: I have not access to brush and canvas to

fill our FIFA Museum." The guests laugh, whistle and applaud. There

are craftsmen, engineers and architects. They are all there to build the new

FIFA Museum, which is scheduled to open in 2016 in Zurich-Enge. They celebrate the topping-out ceremony at the invitation of FIFA in

the Albisgüetli.

And they celebrate Blatter, the boss, the maker,

as if he were the Lord God in person. Already at the reception they assail

him, want photos, autographs, handshakes. Blatter, in blue Plaid

jacket and white shirt, enjoys the bath in the crowd and laughs.

"It''s good to be here, it''s good", he says repeatedly. Sepp Blatter,

the most powerful sports official in the world, is back. It is, as of

June 2, this Tuesday evening, when Blatter announced his resignation

as President of FIFA, had never existed. As the corruption

allegations, the FBI investigation and the arrests of the FIFA

officials in Zurich were only bad dreams. His words come at the

audience. "Only those who know the past, can understand the present

and shape the future", teaches Blatter with a mischievous laugh. "Or

in other words: the ball is round - who comes from the depth of the

room, but only know the actual dimensions of our sport." " Is this not right, Günter


With his words, the cunning Valais casually further

fuels the rumours about a possible comeback. Did he actually resigned

from the resignation as has been speculated? Blatter says to look. "I did not resign, but instead my mandate available at an extraordinary congress." He tells the audience: "also for me personally the Museum an affair of the heart. Yet please don''t get me wrong: I''m

not be ready for the Museum or to be put in the waxworks!” Thunderous applause.

Blatter stretches his arms into the air. It''s his day, his great

appearance, his applause.

Still think he''s going to stand down Bethnal?

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