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Playing the cards you are dealt or shuffling the pack?

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I am interested in reading the thought of fellow fans on whether the "lack" (5 signings") of transfer activity comparable to some other clubs is indeed a negative and puts us at a disadvantage; Or whether adhering to the ideologies and principles of cohesion and patterns of play will suit us better in the long run?I of course have my views on this and I personally believe that team understanding and tactical cohesion is a lot harder to work on than the technical and takes a lot longer. We want to stay up and in my mind I would rather keep the tactical understanding over making a raft of quickfire signings which could interrupt the pattern of play and style. (a la watford?)I would like to see 2 more additions of course but I would like to think that even if they did come in they wouldn''t be part of the squad for a few weeks until they fit the patterns and styles of the side rather than put in an "individual" who whilst on the ball could be majestic but not get near it or offer anything for 30 minute spells. thoughts?

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