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Kristian Clarke- Frary

Francis- lets get behind him- show him what he will miss!

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OK, I like most of you have had enough of this Francis saga.BUT, at the end of the day WE can influence this, why not give him a big cheer when he comes on make him feel welcomed, remember, all he has to do is come out in a press conference to say he does not want to go and he is 100% behind the canary cause. With him we will go up, without- who knows?On a more lighter note,i hope all of you ahve been practicing the Amarillo canary song as was created in another post- cant remember who posted it but it goes something like this-We''re on our way to the premiership,Every game we''re winning easy,Goals by ashton and mckenzieand darren huckerbyshalalalalala clap clapshalalalalalala clap clapshalalalalalalala clap clapOn our way to the premiershipPS Respect to the creator of this!

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