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John Smith


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Hello, i''m new to posting here i''ve been reading the message board for a while, but never really got around to posting, so i''d just like to say hi to everyone.

On to the point. Right - Henderson along with Green and the Jarvis lads are the only home grown talent in the team, and Green wasn''t even brought up as a kid in Norwich, surely you''d think that this would mean that Henderson would get even more encouragment and cheers from his own supporters? NO a young local kid gets moans, groans and boo''s from his own supporters! I just don''t understand it.. possibly if Henderson was a lazy guy who acted like he didn''t give a damn about the club i''d understand, but from where i sit Hendersonn puts in 100% every game and trys his damned hardest he lacks quality sometimes but that will come.

So i''m asking why does this young local talent get moans and groans from his own supporters? Henderson came from the youth ranks at his local team yet he gets booed, why?

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