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Farkes The Herald Angels

Playoff Day in Hong Kong

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So far have been to the gym in green and yellow socks (green on one foot and yellow on the other), saw a green and yellow troll hanging in a window opposite the coffee shop, have hung 4 shirts, on jacket, two scarfs and a flag in the living room, persuaded my Chinese wife to watch the game without moaning about why she''s missing Cantonese soap operas, and secured off a good friend a totally illegal decoder / router thingy that allows me to watch game on Sky Sports HD from the comfort of my Hong Kong home. Got the jitters, so off for a walk. Then egg yolks, broccoli, sweet corn and spinach (or anything else of appropriate hues) for dinner before settling down for the big game. Made it to Cardiff last time, but work conspired against me on this occasion, so will just have to make do with armchair shouting and upsetting the neighbours.....OTBC.... and give a shout from me if you''re going to the game......HAVE FUN AND COME BACK AS SUPPORTERS OF A PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM

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