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mrs miggins

Just got back...

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Fantastic atmosphere today. Boro fans looked up for it at the start with their high noise level, but quickly shut up when we hit the bar (and they hit the bar, all in the same minute...mental.) Once we scored Boro fans curled up, a bit like their team....hashtagbelieve. ;)

We set up exactly as we should''ve, not just the line-up but need to show confidence on the ball (something we should''ve done in the last match against them).

I thought we were great, especially defensively, Boro didn''t really do much not just because of our great display, but also because they looked out of ideas.

I can''t remember exactly the chant we used, but when the Boro player inevitably dived, there was a ring of "Same Cheating Boro" throughout half of the stadium.

As I say, Boro went quiet after the first goal and we sang our hearts out, fantastic atmosphere in my first trip to the new wembley.

Expensive pre-match drinks - 2 pints and a shandy for £15! in the ''norwich'' arranged pub which was lively as well.

All round a great day. I realise my punctuation and spelling is probably all over the place and people don''t really care about ''my'' experience, but i''m just so happy that we won in what I''ve found to be a very difficult season as a Norwich fan. I think the future is bright for a club our size and it''s a wonderful day to be a city fan.

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