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Late Congratulations

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First I want to say congratulations.

Secondly I wanted to say I got half/some on my predictions right, Norwich on 86 points and Middlesbrough on 85 points, how ironic it is that the 2 teams that I correct fully so predicted the correct points for weeks and weeks before the final ended up as the 2 finalists, I also got top 3 right.

Thought best 3 teams went up, maybe not in right order, but the best 3 teams went up.

Also reading another post. From True Grit,

That makes me laugh,

What a right troll, and moaning grit, no true fan of a team would slag his team off. A day to enjoy and what does he do. Moan, thought it was quiet funny.

I thought it was odd and strange off the timing to get rid off your manager like that (last time you were in the Premiership) doing that/and negativity cost you) for me.

This True Grit makes me laugh, (saying playing good football is bad)

Playing good football is good, playing good football/being positives wins games for you or whoever.

This True Grit makes me laugh, him saying playing negative football is good. That''s the biggest bollocks i''ve ever seen, right trolling, (negative football lost you the home game against boro.

Watched all play finals on box, Norwich were much more positive in the play off final, playing much better football. That''s why Norwich won, playing better/positive football. Negative football cost games.

Positive football/good playing football for Norwich (no negatived) would bring mid-table finish for Norwich in Premiership.

Goodnight. And goodbye, wicky, wicky, down the woods.

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