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lake district canary

Mental baggage

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A lot of people are brainwashed into thinking the premiership is something special.  Yes the top clubs have an advantage financially, but then they always have.  Yes, there are some fantastic players in there, but I do feel that with all the media hype there is, that a lot of what the premiership is gets overstated and you can be beaten before you even step on the pitch - or fans can think their team is beaten before they go on the pitch. 

Paul Lambert didn''t have any truck with that at Norwich and I dont believe AN will either.  His way of doing things at Hamilton and the way he tackled the SPL is proof that he will make the playing field a lot more level than people might think.  The mental side of the game is a powerful one and if you can dispell any pre-conceptions about what the premiership is or isn''t, you can buck the trend - and AN seems to have the right attitude to achieving this.  No nonsense, believe in yourself, give it everything with no nerves or holding back and you will be successful, is what AN''s message seems to be.

The premiership is special, but not half as special as the media would have you believe.

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